Lone Wolf


Good morning.

Well here is a day that i have been anticipating for a very long time.  Today is the day that my own record label ‘It Never Rains Records’ officially releases my new record and my proudest achievement ‘The Lovers’.

But of course this is not just a day for me to celebrate.  This is the day that, if only i could, i would be giving a hug and a high five to every person who got themselves involved in the pledge campaign earlier this year.  Be it whether you bought the download, LP, Lyric book or were an Executive producer – YOU MADE TODAY HAPPEN.  Every single penny that was pledged has played an incredibly important part in allowing this album to see the light of day.  It has paid for the recording, the mastering, the PR, the pressing, the artwork – dammit, it has paid for EVERYTHING.  You paid for everything.  And i’m sure you already know how much i appreciate it, but i say again, thank you so much for caring about and supporting my music.

But of course, in many ways this is only the beginning.  Yes, pledgers may be holding their pre-ordered copy in their hands, or whatever other goodies they bought from me, but the main thing they paid for is actually happening today.  This is the day the album is released to the local record stores, online retailers et al and most importantly new fans and supporters who can ensure that this is not the last you hear from Lone Wolf.  So now is more important than ever.

So, whether you purchase directly from this site’s store or play an important role in supporting your local music shop, from this day forward, i personally thank you.

Hopefully see you at the forthcoming live dates.

Fly my pretty!  Godspeed!

Paul M x x x


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