Lone Wolf

Watch the video for new single ‘GHOSTS OF HOLLOWAY’ NOW!

This was truly one of the most crazy experiences of my life. I went out to Tunisia expecting a dude with a camera and a nice location. I was rather shocked to find that i was part of a full on movie set with over 40 crew.

Heres what Director Nejib Belkadhi had to say about it:

“I first met with Paul Marshall A.K.A Lone Wolf through his music.

Back in 2010, I came across a rave review about « The Devil And I » in the famous french magazine Les Inrockuptibles which piqued my curiosity and led me to download the album instantly. The effect of such a grandiose and yet strangely delicate music was overwhelming. It took me a little while and a few listens to realize that The Devil And was on the way to become one of my favourite albums.

During the shooting of my feature Bastardo, The Devil And I used to play in my car on the way to the set and then an idea came to me.
I sent a tweet to Paul Marshall asking him to compose the score of my movie, he agreed, we are recording the music soon… The rest is history.

Meanwhile, I listened to some execrpts of The Lovers, his fantastic new release and expressed the desire to direct a video from the album. Ghosts Of Holloway got picked and I began working on the script.

I imagined Paul being opposed to an evil double of him, a kind of bad karma that haunts the strange place where he wakes up. I tried to create a nightmare from which only one character would escape.

The distance between dream and reality is blurred, infact Paul faces his double as a witness at the beginning then becomes part of the story as a victim, but at last, is he really the victim ?

It was an intense adventure. We shot in a 300 years old house in the Medina of Tunis. The shooting was very physical and tedious, and despite the fact that Paul was suffering from a terrible pain in the back, he kept on giving the best of him in every take, over and over. Apart from being a great songwriter and a gifted singer, I discovered him to be a very good actor. Any auditions folks?”


Paul M x x x

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